Posted on: May 29, 2009 1:13 pm

Media Creations and Exaggerations

The media loves to create and exaggerate sport stories nowadays. After all, newspaper and magazine circulation is drastically down, they need stories to sell them. Here are some myths and downright lies that I just can't believe.

Barry Bonds taking any form of steroids. C'mon, be real, just because his head grew to the size of a watermelon and his stats near the age of 40 were superhuman means nothing. Don't believe it.

Michael Phelps smoking pot. Are you serious? Show me a picture.

Jason Giambi never touching illegal performing enhancing drugs again after admitting he used them in the past. So you're going to tell me a few years ago, when he was barely hitting .200 and the Yankees were thinking of releasing him, then the 2nd half of the season he's Babe Ruth plus is because of HGH or something else undetectable? No way, don't buy it.

A-Rod, steroid user, self absorbed, A-Fraud is what they're saying. I say bupkus. A-Rod is the kind of guy who would give to charity and doesn't want his name mentioned at all. He believes in the purity of the game and would never cheat it. And the whole Madonna controversy, they were just good friends.

Bodybuilding competitions and steroids? I was born in the morning but not yesterday morning. Do you really think body builders who eat so well and exercise like crazy would put a foreign substance in their body? I know, crazy talk.

Antonio Margarito wrapping his hands in plaster of paris. Like a cement like substance would even help you when you're punching a guy in the head. Fiction, I say.

and of course, Roger Clemens. Needles, DNA, and blood evidence, sounds a bit like the OJ trial and he was found innocent. What's that tell you?

Bottom line is that sports are still just as pure as the golden age when Babe Ruth would be eating a hot dog and doing a hooker in the dugout for extra energy late in the game. Don't listen to the press create stories to sell an extra paper or magazine. Just go with your gut.

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